Fashion is Swinging

Imagine my surprise when I pop in on SwissMiss’ blog the other day and find a swing necklace. It was a revelation to me. I had never thought of playground inspired jewelry.

I’ve been doing a little scouring on the old net to see if I could locate any other cool jewels with playground designs. No luck as yet but I haven’t given up hope.

Calourette is the maker of the balançoire. It has really caught on in France where Marianne Rautureau designer and mother of Calourette has got a funky design line for shoppers looking for a bit of fun and pizazz.

Check out Calourette on Facebook. If you’re in Paris, flip over to the shop – 27 rue du Bourg Tibourg, just off the rue de Rivoli.

Thanks Marianne for the colorful creations. Thanks SwissMiss for spreading the word. And thanks to French blogger Melvina for her write up on Calourette.

It’s a wooden swing. How many of those do you see these days?

Photo Credits in order of appearance

    1. Elle, April 2010
    2. Google Maps – Street View
    3. Calourette


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