More Popular Posts from the 1st Year

This is a grab bag of more popular posts from PlayGroundology’s year one. If you missed them first time around, here’s your chance to take a peek at what others have enjoyed.

Monster Mash – Conservation Wins the Day in San Gabriel, CaliforniaSan Gabriel, California
So, you want to go play in a lagoon with monsters? Have I got the place for you. It’s not on the bayou, no endangered mangrove swamps at risk and no flora or fauna about to die off though the playground itself was threatened with extinction in the very recent past.

Chilean Miners Playground – Industrial IngenuityChuquicamata, Chile
Otherworldly with a touch of the surreal describes some unique play structures that sit quietly in Chuquicamata, a former mining town in northern Chile. Located in the Atacama desert, the most arid on the planet, Chuqui is encircled by foothills of slag and tailings from nearly 100 years of mineral exploitation.

Playground Access for All Abilities
Research study, after research study has proven that children need to play. Children need to play because it makes them healthier and less likely to become obese. Children need to play because it makes them more focused in school. Children need to play because it teaches them social skills that are essential to becoming adept adults. Although play has been decreasing from our landscape, many children are still out there playing on playgrounds.

Going Philatelic in SingaporeSingapore
Singapore Post recently gave a hats off to playgrounds with a special issue of commemorative stamps. There are six playgrounds featured on the stamps which extol the virtues of play in developing social skills and physical coordination.

Where Have all the Children Gone Long Time Passing?
New Yorker, Lenore Skenazy is advocating a change in mindset around play, trust and responsibilty as it affects kids. There’s no mistaking her passion for what has become a favourite subject matter. You may have read about Lenore in the national press, or heard her getting interviewed on major television networks. She was responsible for the ‘Take Our Children to the Park… & Leave Them There Day’ campaign in May of 2010.

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