A Salute to Mrs. J

I’ve never met Mrs. J but I know I’d like her. She’s the kind of teacher that encourages curious minds and creates a discovery zone for her young charges. I came across her website a couple of months ago and have been meaning to feature it for some time. Today is the day.

Our five-year-old son is enjoying his first year in school and loves his primary teacher, Mrs. Smith (no relation). As we concluded our parent – teacher meeting this afternoon, I was reminded how much we should treasure and thank these caring and creative professionals.

Mrs. J is an art teacher for K – 5 in Nashville, Tennessee. Her blog is chock full of great projects just as suitable for home as for school. She also has an excellent blog roll. Plenty of material here to keep the young ones arty for quite some time.

I was attracted to Mrs. J’s playground project for a grade one class. Here is the wall of play.

The ‘Build your own Playground’ lesson is right here. What if we could get 1000s of digital images of kids’ art depicting playgrounds to create a virtual gallery in support of those parents who are trying to get recess restored in their schools?

Do you want to play? Have kids, classes, teachers, parents send digitized art to:

@playgroundology, or


Thanks to Mrs. J for the great art project ideas, for the playground artwork and for the inspiration. When we saw our son’s pride today as he read to us and showed us his work it made me think that Mrs. J and Mrs. Smith are cut from the same wondrous cloth.

2 responses to “A Salute to Mrs. J

  1. We will do this. My kids are so excited to have this be a little project this weekend. We are doing what we can to save recess for their school.
    (by the way – love your blog.. adding it my blogroll and my blog fav sites)


    • Sarah, thanks for your kind words. I hope your kids have fun with this. There are no issues with recess at Mrs, J’s school as far as I know. I just thought that something like what I’ve suggested in my post would be a positive activity that could draw some further attention to the overall issue and be supportive of all of those individuals, families and communities – like yourselves – who are working hard to save recess. Can’t wait to see what your kids come up with.


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