Introducing The Playground People™

Let me introduce you to The Playground People™.

I’ve just recently adopted and named this fun loving bunch. The idea started to germinate when I was in a kind of half sleep just before starting bedtime rituals for the kids one evening. I thought of Nellie-Rose’s prolific figure drawings and how they always bring a smile to my face. You see, they are my kind of people – exuberant, colourful and festive.

Mind you, they’re not as iconic, or as outré as The Village People. Hey they don’t even sing and dance. But they do have a certain je ne sais quoi about them with their arms-wide-open embrace and their deep pooling wonder eyes.

They usually hang out in a group of friends. Occasionally though, there is a drawing of one individual such as in this prototype papa who is a bona fide member of The Playground People™ tribe. Aside from the missing arms, I think Nellie-Rose captured my likeness quite well.

I haven’t quite sorted out how The Playground People™ will become part of the PlayGroundology world but I’m working on it. As soon as I get a little proficient with photo editing programs these lighthearted little folks will start popping up in posts and photos. I’m thinking of them as child created cheerleaders for play.

I’ve been trying to replicate Nellie-Rose’s work on my Glow Doodle app but just haven’t been able to nail it yet. The simplicity is deceiving.

All hail to The Playground People™ and a future full of promise.

Thanks for the wonderful artwork Nellie-Rose.

All materials, unless otherwise attributed or credited, copyright ⓒ 2011 Alex Smith.

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