Springriding Denizens of the Deep – World Oceans Day 2011

Happy World Oceans Day 2011. Bonne Journée Mondiale des Océans 2011. Let’s celebrate with some springriding denizens of the deep found at playgrounds far and wide.
Click image for slideshow.

I live on Canada’s East Coast and am fortunate enough to commute to work everyday on a ferry that crosses one of the largest natural harbours in the world. Halifax is home to real life container and cruise ship traffic and is also the backdrop for the 1990s kids’ TV hit, Theodore Tugboat. A fishing fleet is within walking distance of our house and a swimming beach is just a little further along the road. Three hours down the highway is the Bay of Fundy. Out here on the Atlantic coast, we understand the value and importance of ocean ecosystems.

As an added bonus on World Oceans Day check out the boat playground flickr galleries here and by clicking on the image below.
Boat Play Structure, Dartmouth Waterfront, Canada

Finally in keeping with conservation and preservation of habitats, look at what’s been happening with the La Laguna playground in San Gabriel, California. Populated with play-on-me sculptures of marine animals, this playground escaped destruction as a result of determined community action.

Happy World Oceans Day wherever you may be.

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