The Amazing Two-Slided House

Not far from where we live in Halifax on Canada’s Atlantic coast is the amazing two-slided house.
A rare, yellow twist two-slided house

Now I know you’re thinking that there is only one slide in this photo. But look below, from front on you’ll see that there are two. As my almost four-year-old Nellie-Rose is wont to say, “it’s true, it’s really, really true”.
Facade – Slides or Handles

This is not photoshop trickery or sleight of hand as you may appreciate from the daylight photos.
This is a day care and after school play area

Not sure why the structure is boarded up, or if the slides are still functional. Very curious to see what’s inside. Hopefully the creativity that led to slides popping out of the gables is also on display in the interior.

Close up

Could this possibly catch on in day cares across the nation, or perhaps even in residential homes?


2 responses to “The Amazing Two-Slided House

  1. It’d be a great feature to have in any house. Fire escapes on both sides. And for those who were worried about the potential security risks – may I suggest olive oil???

    • Hey Steve, I never thought of the built-in fire escape angle, brilliant. I can visualize would be intruders getting slipped up by the olive oil. I’ll be looking for you in Halifax Magazine. Cheers

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