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Canada’s Nova Scotia shipbuilders have been renowned for centuries for their fine quality vessels. The iconic Bluenose that sailed to victory so frequently in the annual International Fisherman’s Race was built in Lunenburg. But long before the Bluenose ever set sail, there was a strong tradition of building ships destined for work in the North Atlantic and oceans throughout the world.

This summer something new is taking shape on the province’s south shore. A small boatbuilder at Gold River in the Chester Basin is building a land-based submarine. Tern Boatworks will soon complete its first wood and fibreglass sub. The project has been commissioned as a playground for Halifax, Nova Scotia’s downtown waterfront.

Here’s what it looked like one recent afternoon when Bruce and Lucas took us on a tour of the site (click photos for larger image).

The christening date for the new sub, as yet unnamed, is set for sometime this August. We may try and take one more trip down to Tern Boatworks while the build is still underway.

Here is a rendition of the completed play structure by Laurie McGowan of McGowan Marine Design.

Spaceships of various sorts and boats of all kinds are relatively common fare in playgrounds. I’ve only come across one other submarine. This one is located at an abandoned playground at the North Shore Yacht Club, Salton Sea, California.

Photo credit – slworking2 – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Please drop us a line if you’re aware of any other submarine playgrounds.

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