A Viennese Interlude

When I hear that friends or workmates are about to take a trip overseas, I’ll sometimes ask if they can snap photos of playgrounds should they happen across any in their travels. Recently, one of my colleagues was holidaying in Vienna for a few days. Among other traits, the city is renowned for its parks. Many of them, including the central Stadtpark and the greenway along Hauptallee, feature playgrounds. Thanks to Lisa for these Viennese moments (click on photos for enlarged image).

Hauptallee Playground

Hauptallee Playground

Hauptallee Playground

Stadtpark Playground

If you’re visiting Vienna take a waltz through the playgrounds. Click here for a listing compiled through a search of the local government site. The Mamilade Ausflugstips website also profiles a number of Viennese playgrounds. For a broader selection of photos, check this flickr search.

The last photo is a bonus for soccer enthusiasts. Our young lad Noah-David is soccer nuts. This is his second season and he plays whenever he can at a pretty high level for a five-year-old. I thought this would be interesting for North American readers – a soccer pitch whose surface seems to be asphalt. Making places to play is what it’s all about.

All photos – Lisa Buchanan

2 responses to “A Viennese Interlude

  1. Lovely post, great to see those nice simple Austrian play spaces. Am intrigued what you’d expect other than asphalt (or grass) as a soccer pitch?


    • Thanks. I hope you like the one that just went up of British Pathé newsreels. Our soccer fields are generally grass, or artificial turf. I’ve just never seen asphalt in Nova Scotia. I do remember though as a teen thumping a tennis ball against the wall in one-on-one games on schoolyard asphalt in Scotland.


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