Playground Manufacturer Wins Top Honours at National Design Show

It’s not everyday that a playground manufacturer wins a major design award. In fact, I don’t know if it has ever happened before. That’s exactly what transpired last week for Danish firm KOMPAN at the Australian International Design Awards show in Melbourne.

Sydney Morning Herald, July 22

Really. who’d a thunk it – a playground manufacturer runs away with the hardware against the best of the rest. KOMPAN’s ICON playground, a hybrid of high tech gaming and old fashioned muscle twitching, won the Design Award of the Year. On top of that, they were also recognized as the Best in Category for Sports and Leisure. The company’s promotional video features playgrounder-gamers who certainly look like they’re having fun. I know that I’d be checking it out if there were one near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Australia’s first ICON was installed at the newly opened Robelle Domain in Springfield, Queensland. It is anticipated that other local governments will soon be fitting up with KOMPAN’s ICON.

Bravo to KOMPAN on this singular recognition.

3 responses to “Playground Manufacturer Wins Top Honours at National Design Show

  1. Thank you very much for this generous recognition on the PlayGroundology Blog. As we stated in our acceptance speech, what really was the most important about winning this award was that the children and their needs and challenges were recognized — their need for a place to be themselves, to explore and share, to learn together from each other, to be outside in an environment that speaks their language. We adults sometimes are over protective, over nostalgic, and design with our own esthetics in mind. It was very satisfying that the Australian International Good Design Award recognized something for the children and the importance of play.


    • Goof comments about adults, children and play. Getting the right mix can be tricky – design, independence and of course physically active fun. I hope at some point to have an opportunity to try out your system. Are there any in Canada currently, any plans for installing a demo in our land of the true north, wild and free? Cheers


  2. Canada’s a big place. there was one installed at the winter olympic games but that was only temporary. Try contacting Formes Et Juex in Montreal —


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