16th Century Play – Brueghel Paints His Way Into History

One child, two and three – play there must be. Flemish Renaissance painter Brueghel brushstroked the first play-a-thon that he entitled Young Folk at Play.

Click image to enlarge – the painting hangs in the Kunsthistorisches Mueseum, Vienna

Check this University of Waterloo site where nearly 40 of the 80 games are explained.

Rock out renaissance. If the philosophers and artists could play, why not the kids?

Read more about Young Folk at Play here.


5 responses to “16th Century Play – Brueghel Paints His Way Into History

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    • Thanks for spreading the good word you DeepFunners. I love coming across this kind of material, one of the many perks with this world wide web. Cheers Alex

  2. Wow! How interesting! I enjoyed clicking on the different games to read about them. Thanks for posting this!

    • Thanks Rita – nothing like the internet/social media since sliced bread, or Guteneberg maybe. It’s a wonderful way to share. As always, thanks for your comments. Cheers Alex

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