ScreenShot Mondays – Earthplay

A couple of Mondays per month, PlayGroundology screenshots a cyberspot that focuses on playgrounds, or play. I hope readers dive in and explore. Even if you’ve seen the selection before, take a moment and check to see what content has been added recently.

Think of this as a very slow stumble upon, an invitation to relish something new or to revisit an old friend. Some of the people and places may be household names in the world of play and playgrounds, others not so much. I hope all will pique your interest in what they have to offer and further your own possibilities for playfulness.


Round up a bunch of kids, throw in a dash of the natural world, bring in a Rusty Keeler and a Leon Smith to stir, simmer and then bing, bang, presto – earthplay.

“We can do it. We can create extraordinary places for young children to discover themselves and the world around them.” earthplay

This site a great source of inspiration and information on natural playscapes. The banner photos include some spectacular shots of kids in natural environments – streams, trees and barefoot in leaves.

Check the project photos from China and the US, the external links section and Rusty’s blog. Plenty of good ideas and some tips for communities on how to develop a natural playscape project.

Some sections of the site, like the store, are under development for content. I’m waiting to see those tongue drums, the wooden resonator boxes. They last a lifetime. I still have one in good condition that I purchased over 30 years ago. Love the earthy beats.

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