A is for….

anarchy agile adept alert awesome action active attempt achieve anthropomorphic sculpture advocacy adventure playgrounds awe autumn leaves alive animal afterschool acrobatics around and around and around and around and around until we all fall down active amazing adventures awe-inspiring alphabet mat astronauts alex artistic attitude (playful) adventurous anthropometric American swing amusement adaptability arena anticipate ally acorns adults who schedule and dictate how, where and with who their children can play allowing kids play time, not sports & lessons filling their every waking moment antsy active adventures are always awesome

And some special entries: Abernethy, W.D. Ackerman, D Allen, M Anderson, R Axline, V.M

Kid’s Art – High Park Playground, Toronto, Canada (click image to enlarge)

Today is Day 2 of ABCs4Play and we’ll be doing our call for B words shortly. Before we do, I want to thank everyone who helped us kick off this 26-day event yesterday. We received A words from Canada, the US, the UK, New Zealand and western Europe. Check the activity on Twitter at #ABCs4Play and in the comments to the ABCs for Play – Call and Answer post on PlayGroundology.

Our alliteration award for Day 1, A goes to @Childhoodlist1 for this contribution: active adventures are always awesome.

Tomorrow, we’ll see you on the B side.


2 responses to “A is for….

  1. Here is a little poem around the letter F. I’ve only used one and two syllable words, with a little assonance thrown in for good measure …

    F is for …

    F is for fiction and fishing and fables
    Fledgling, fleecy, fleshy and fun.
    F is for flavour and flaccid and foetus
    Fracture, fractal, freakish and fop.
    F is for faded and fairy and faddish,
    Failure, faintly, Faroes and fudge
    F is for foment and forelock and foreman
    Furry, further, furtive and fool.
    F is for fuming and function and funding
    Foggy, feisty, family and foe.
    F is for friction and freezer and frenzy
    Frequent, freshly, frightful and frog.


    • Thanks David a wonderful tour de force in recognition of Playwords that begin with F. I”m sure this will be an inspiration to other #ABCs4Play players to limerick, sonnet and the such. Cheers, Alex

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