C is for Crikey

children’s rights commons cooking conkers challenging creative chalk crayons climbing trees carving your name in wood chasing castles of sand cheating chalk charge crafts chucking stuff chaos car mats Colorado paper changeable communication chucking conkers challenges cheeky chums creativity ’cause children’s chalk circles combat chasing change! catch create craft chilly charming climb crawl chums crayons caterpillars carpentry checkers croquet cricket cycling creativity chess canoes cart crowd cling creep cruise cycle chime critters collaborate c is for creative play is a time for kids to imagine create and enjoy without formal structure Children’s-play: cheering chanting climbing and chasing Connect Four cupcakes cradle chalk chainlink fences cup and ball COOTIES carefree crisp fresh air chase connections camping coast clever cognition coniption as in fit collaboration cultural California coeur d’alene cascading curiosity comedy colour construct cars castles Copenhagen challenging catapult careen carom course call crazy calamitous

Caterpillar Kid – Sorel, Quebec

In the new participant category, please welcome Sheree Fitch – A is for abecedarian and b is for bugaboo c is for cucaracha and d is for discombobulating

We’ve harvested an impressive crop of Cs in Day 3 of ABCs4Play. Thanks everyone for the wordplay with play words. Pass along the hashtag #ABCs4Play and send us your Ds…

Tomorrow should be D lightful.


3 responses to “C is for Crikey

  1. C:
    Caillois, Roger
    Carlisle, Rodney P.
    Cassidy, Denis
    Chadwick, Henry
    Cobb, Edith
    Cohen, David
    Cole-Hamilton, Issy
    Conn, Carmel
    Conn, Carmel
    Connolly, Cyril
    Corbett, Sara
    Crosby, Theo
    Crowe, Brenda
    Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly
    Cunningham, Hugh
    Curtis, Henry S. 187

  2. C is for CARDBOARD BOX: I am a playground designer for better or worse. On my design table there stands a cardboard box, small and unassuming. It is to remind me that before I shed one fragment from my #2 I shall pay homage to one truth:

    We as adults spend fortunes on holiday gifts, provide what we think will satisfy a child’s mind, and then anticipate the glory that should ensue when the recipient sets gaze on our offering. Yet the cardboard box it housed inevitably prevails as the Optimus Prime – it is a most natural attraction. It stares back at us and asks ‘what will you make of this’.

    My job is not to design the most awesomest playground. It is to simply recreate the almighty cardboard box.

    William O’Neill – Northeast Playground Builders

    • Well said Bill. I’m sure that most of us have memories of the infinitely fantastic cardboard box – the fort, the house, the slider, the tunnel, etc. I have some great sequences of my son discovering the magic of a box at about 1-year-old. Long live the imagination.

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