D is for Dance, Dance, Dancing

discombobulate dirt digging direction discussion dissection dollars dinner dragons daisy chains dogs drawing dilution dodge duck dirty dive dunk dangle disguise dens drench delightful daring dangerous dizzy dancing doodle dens during deep play! darting discovery disability doom dungeons & dragons dice dudes dumps dunes drills den building display dueling dams deficit dare double dare delight doable dangerous drop dangle double dutch dash dart dancing dabble dawdle doggy dolly dodgeball doggo dillydally dig dodge dradle dream daring development dominoes discover delve get dirty draw drag dolls dumptrucks diving dress-up driving dawdling dulcimer

Dancing Daughter – 1985

A dekicious deluge of Ds from Day 4 of ABCs4Play. Get ready – Day 5, Letter E is upon us. Early indications are that the ‘E’ is a harder nut to crack.

Thanks everyone for your contributions to date and please pass along the #ABCs4Play.


2 responses to “D is for Dance, Dance, Dancing

  1. Damming! SO much fun in damming streams. Essential Experience

    • Thanks Andrew – used to play at that when I was a kid. I seem to remember a lot of soakers – wet, soggy feet. Maybe I should have just done away with the footware. I’m sure I’ll be getting into this more as our kids are 6, 4 and 2. Cheers, Alex

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