E is for Elation Nation

elephants! EEEK! evolution endorphins enjoyment eating worms? exports enabling exciting excellent ecohuman enthusiastic enriching enlivening energy energetic energizing ebullient episodic exercise excitement egg blowing egg painting ecology echoes explore eagles eating engage experiment enlarge extend expand evolutionary expressive exploratory expiratory extraordinary elements elementary eddy edgey eccentric eclectic existential exacerbating every day emotional exhilarating empowering entertaining endearing evil enriching edifying encouraging eternal ego educational empirical environmental engineering elation eschewing etiquette eleven eager elephants eat eighty-eight Easter eggs enthusiastic emu easily eats eighteen exhibitionist! endless energy easy ever ready to play! everyone enjoys exercising if it’s exciting! exploring excavating exoskeleton eating exhaustion escapades escapes environmental ecology eerie exploratory enduring

In the playworker, author category – Elkind, David Elliott, Sue Else, Perry Evans, Russell Ellis, Michael J Elston, Frank Erikson, Erik H. Erskine, Pansy Constance

Noah riding Elephant springrider – Sorel, Quebec

E is for Elation Nation from Day 5 of ABCs4Play. Get ready – Day 6, Letter F is upon us. I’m hoping the contributions will be fast, furious and funtastic.

Thanks everyone for your contributions to date and please pass along the #ABCs4Play. We’ve just about completed 20% of our journey on the road from A to Z – please join us for the rest.


One response to “E is for Elation Nation

  1. F:

    Faragher, Rosie
    Feezell, Randolph M.
    Foreman, Michael
    Frost, Joe L.

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