F is for Friluftsliv

fresh air frisbee fond memories flying kites flies forests foraging friend fires frightening fooling around freakin out! fast fun First Lady friendships free fabulous friction feelings flow fantastic forests fire flames fingerprints furry friends frogs forgiveness flags food fish forward for fun flexibility through outdoor play fantasy fable flick fling fly flume flicker scooters friends family foundation stage farms fulfilling feisty fallow fields foolish flying foals free fiddly fiddling falling farther fairy tales fairies fantasy feel food fight fast freeze friluftsliv fancy pants fancy work fancy dress fanciness fanciful fancy free friendly fun with friends… found around every corner flurry frantic fellow flap flip flop fiddle free-for-all frolic to finagle fantastical fast-flying faeries from furrows! forage frolic flying fairies freedom frecking focus fascination fundamentals fantasy fun focus fun to flip, flop and flap flirt! food fights fungi hunting forest schools fimo fuzzy felt finger paints flour bombs fizzy pop frivolous funky formidable

F is for …

F is for fiction and fishing and fables
Fledgling, fleecy, fleshy and fun.
F is for flavour and flaccid and foetus
Fracture, fractal, freakish and fop.
F is for faded and fairy and faddish,
Failure, faintly, Faroes and fudge
F is for foment and forelock and foreman
Furry, further, furtive and fool.
F is for fuming and function and funding
Foggy, feisty, family and foe.
F is for friction and freezer and frenzy
Frequent, freshly, frightful and frog.

And from the folks at iP-D!P some people – Faragher, Rosie Feezell, Randolph M. Foreman, Michael Frost, Joe L.

Quite a fantastic day all in all. Our first Norwegian word – do click through if you haven’t already. And, drumroll please, our first poem – above – penned yesterday as an original work for #ABCs4Play by @DavidMiller_UK of Scotland. Thanks David.

And there’s more. Today’s new player and new member of the alliteratti is Margaret Hoegg for this lovely ditty – free-for-all frolic to finagle fantastical fast-flying faeries from furrows!.

Nellie flies a kite – Rainbow Haven Beach, Nova Scotia

As we’ve got 26 letters to have fun with – sadly only 19 remaining after today – I thought it would be great if we could get participants from at least 26 different countries by the time we wrap on December 25. So here’s my invitation to you, please go out and snag a friend from another country and have them play along with us at #ABCs4Play. Over the next couple of days I will try and compile a list of represented countries.

Day 7, Letter G is upon us, have fun – ABCs4Play.


2 responses to “F is for Friluftsliv

  1. Hey Alex, lovely to be art of this delightful adventures with words … I may pen another poem … perhaps when you get to P … 😉

  2. G:
    Great gusts of gourmet grub generating great guts!!

    Gadamer, Hans-Georg;
    Gardner, D.E.M;
    GARVEY, Catherine;
    Geertz, Clifford;
    Gill, Tim;
    Goldstein, Jeffrey H.;
    Goodwin Marjorie Harness;
    Groos, Karl;
    Gross, Nigel;
    Guldberg, Helene;
    Gulick, Luther;

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