J is for Juggling Jelly Beans on Jupiter

Jumping in puddles Jack in a box Jingle Bells Jabberwocky Jacks Jelly (making of) Jack & Jill Jenny Kable Jemima Puddleduck Jumble Sales Jelly Bean competitions jacks jumping jedi warriors with a cardboard tube light sabre… jungle jackfruit jelly Jupiter jaguar jabiru jumprope jigsaw puzzle juggling jaw-dropping fun! jest jiggle jumping for joy jolly good fun jejune jinx jolly jovial jury-rigged jaunt jargon jeepers jump junk jive joke jackass jumpers for goalposts jelly for messy play! jingles and jangly things just play! Just jabbering Jack Jabberwocky jackanapes jumping jacks jackstraws jackstones jack-o’-lantern jackpot jesting jester jokes jiggly joust jubilation jugglers jujubes judy’s jittery jello jiggles j is for jouer – je joue, tu joues, il/elle joue, nous jouons, vous jouez, ils/elles jouent Jane Jacobs

Jouer (To Play) – embedded tile at Salamander Playground, Montreal, Canada – artist Gérard Danserau

Welcome to new player Geralyn @empoweredbyplay.

Today’s ‘J’ vocabulary discoveries for me – two new games jackstraws and jackstones. Thanks to @treeleaning for these.

And here is a special treat for your listening pleasure, a ‘J’ song from the YouTube Theatre – Jingle, Jangle, Jingle.

We’re now into Day 11, Letter K. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

It’s #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….


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