K is for Kickball, Kindness and Kazoo

kite flying kids kicking cans kings and queens kiss chase kerplunk kerboodle k’nex kinesthetic learning kerby kingdoms klingons K9 killin time knights kickball kaleidoscope knowledge know-how kama sutra (because adults play too)! Kompan kreigspiel kaleidoscopic knot KaBOOM! kookaburra kerfuffle kit and kaboodle kalimba kazoo kindergarten kids know knots knaves knights can be fun Kool-aid can cause a kerfuffle kicking kids knitting kingfisher kayaking kisses kites kindness kabuki kangaroo koala København

København (Copenhagen) Playground – Brumleby, by Monstrum

Welcome to new player @GrowingPlay.

I couldn’t resist including this rendition of the Kookaburra song by the Pickerington Elementary Choir (Ohio, USA). I have great memories of scads of us kids singing this ode to laughter and the outdoors on the way to and from camp.

We’re now into Day 12, Letter L. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

It’s #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….


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