O is for Outdoors, Obstacle Courses and One Love

outdoors oranges open-ended ooey-gooey orange orangutans once-upon-a-time ochre ostriches Orion octopus o’clock Ollie’s Delights olive branch oxytocin object optimal opportunity olfactory outdoor play OmniSpin Oodle Swing O-Zone obstacle courses optimism! Ooh & oops & Olympian ookpiks who eat oodles of noodles & gooey plum strudel & snickerdoodles 4 extra oomph! outside oopsy-daisy ocean open spaces OMG did you just eat yellow snow? Oranges? As in nothing rhymes with one love, one heart, one humanity oodles ozone osprey occur ocarina over and under

We have a smaller crop today. I think ‘O’ proved a bit of a challenge to all our players. There are more tough ones ahead – ‘Q’ and ‘Z’ jump immediately to mind. I have every confidence that the #ABCs4Play Players will rise to the occasion.

We’re now into Day 16, Letter P. Have fun – ABCs4Play – only 10 days to go.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….


One response to “O is for Outdoors, Obstacle Courses and One Love

  1. If you are a parent who is currently concerned about your child’s lack of confidence, there is a simple and enjoyable tool that you can easily put in place together. Begin by sitting down and talking about the idea of an Obstacle Course in your backyard, or home, depending on available space. Tell your child this is something you want to do for you; something you’ve always wanted to do, but need help with. Consider the things you have in your home – a staircase? A ladder (safe, of course) a spare tire, marbles, a sleeping bag, a handful of unused bricks. The list can go on and on, and as you and your child consider the things you have that are not being used, you will find you have a number of objects lying around to build The World’s Most Enjoyable Obstacle Course.

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