R is for Rockets, Roundabouts and Rascals Running

Rhinos rockets rabbits rafting roller skating roaming red roses radishes rhubarb riding rope roundabout rotator rounders Remember razzle Rhonda rolling raspberry rolls? Really? run ramp riotous rambunctious ride robot rocker rocking horse rock remote control and READY! red river rope swings ring-a-ring-roses river walking running rafts risk taking roundabouts racing ripped clothes recapitulative rowing boats rough & tumble rambling rollicking rolling roller skates releasing energy rhymes run off rowdy raucous rebellious rascals rapscallions ramshackle reading roly polys raleigh choppers roving races rackets rose petal perfume ripped jeans rainbows reminisce revenge rumpity bumpity bump romans & barbarians rope bridges ridge racer rose coloured specs redundant (as in most of GB’s play sector!) rubbish (as in scrap) red paint rainy days remote ready brek refreshing reviving rehearsal reconnecting with nature ricochet roll the dice rocks & boulders ROFL Rubiks Cube reality recess ramps Republic (by Plato) Russell W rogues random reflex robots rock & roll replay rink rebellious rocketeer rally run rascal rumble Robin Hood role play reward rebound rapacious rendezvous roaming roller blades rain

Photo from March 1963, Life Magazine with kids on a rocketship playground

Rich and prolific are fitting words to describe Jonathan’s @Magpiestear contributions for the Letter R – over 50 submissions. A banner day indeed. Thanks Jonathan, an individual record for #ABCs4Play that may stand for all time.

We’re now into Day 19, Letter S. Have fun – ABCs4Play – just 1 week to go.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….


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