S is for Sand, Snow, Splash and Spin

swim swings splashing snowdrops snow snow ball fights snowmen sledding shouting smiles slides seaside sand castles starfish shells sailing ships surfing sealions seals swimming sharks saturday sunday skate sunshine sliding slipping swing stamping snowing singing skip spin scoop socialize stomp splash swish step sing sense stick shovels sand songs space stickers snuggles sensory play siblings skills soccer sticky squirm snow days there was only ever going to be one “S” the best play item in the world is is of course… The mighty STICK! Small silly Sally saw Sam smiling standing sideways sawing sandwiches Sunday spades skateboards scooters Santa subversive substantive sublime swings see-saw shovels space skipping super slimy stomp spy silly putty smart skateboard silly shrinky dinks skating skateboarding scuffed shoes swirling skimming stones singing songs sun sea silliness salubrious Sutton-Smith B Sturrock G Smith P super soakers

Swings, Ship, Slide, Sand, Sky – Magdalen Islands, Canada – click to enlarge

I’m all smiles for this thematic salty sea submission from @miriambauman:

Seaside, sand castles, starfish, shells, sailing, ships, surfing, sealions, seals, swimming, sharks, smiles

We’re now into Day 20, Letter T. Have fun – ABCs4Play – just 1 week to go.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

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