W is for Wild Things, Wishing Well and Wonder

Winnicott DW wild things weird & wonderful water woods wooden swords/forts/soldiers Wombles wow! weapons wish whizz wisdom worms weaseling whoosh weeeeeee! wombats wargames wheelies wellie wanging wheels whale watching walnuts white water rafting walrus wishing well winter wonderland watch weather world whimsical wonderful words weevos! wonderment! whizzing down slides! wobble pods! Wow! winter (all) weather wild wonder wander walkie talkies wikki stiks wagon wood(en) weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! My W words are two of the most dreaded bully acts on the playground – the Wet Willie and the Wedgie wibble wobble waltzing wallop wandering walking walkabout wilting withering winking wondering wussy wistful wishes water wheels wishing wildwood wishful wondrous whizzy whizzy woo wasteland wrangling wriggle wash whoosh willful welcome whistling wacky wading wiggle waggle water play waterproofs waving waterfalls

Video adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are

This is an update, a wonderful poem by Kath Hamper. Sorry for not including this earlier Kath. This is compiled early in the morning and although I had seen it, I don’t get many email submissions – so it slipped by. Thanks so much for this piece.

Welcome, wondering wanderers!

Woven willows wave, wreathed with willowherb.

Watering, weeding, willing to work
Wheelbarrows writhing with wriggly worms.
Wetland with willows, winter-white world
Whooper swan winging, waterweeds furled.
Whimsical woodpile, woodlouse and wren,
Whisker of woodmouse, water-boatmen.

Waterproofs, wellingtons, windblown and wild,
Windmills and weather-vanes whistle and whizz.
Watching through windows, wishing for when
We walk in the woodland, wild weather again.

Weighing wastepaper while watching for wobbly wombats

Wand-waving witches, wizards with wings
Wondrous wardrobes, wool-gathering.
Word-play and writing
Wondrous and weird
Westward the wagons! We’re off Wombling….

Many thanks for all the fine Ws. X will be a bit of a stumper I think. Including today, only 3 days left. We’re in the final lap.

We’re now into Day 24, Letter X. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

One response to “W is for Wild Things, Wishing Well and Wonder

  1. eXploring – X marks the spot/eXcellent – Xyloid Xylophone/eXcursion – sailing a xebec to Xanadu/eXercise – Xanthe running on the Xystus/eXhibition – X-ray of a Xenops/eXceptional – Xavier’s X-men/eXtraordinary – Xanthic Xylocarp/


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