The Christmas Box Challenge

My friend Bethe over at The Grass Stain Guru has a great challenge on the go and there are prizes too!

She wants us to take all our leftover Christmas boxes and make something superfantabulistic with them. I think we all know how much fun boxes can be. Now with this contest it’s our great chance to become designers and architects in the comfort of our own homes.

One Love Airport – From Santa, Christmas 2009

Now of course I think many of us realize that it is the young ones who will likely have the most creative talent in this endeavour. They are not confined by convention. It’s all about taking a box and thinking outside of it.

Details for the Christmas Box Challenge are here. All entries must be posted by January 2. Get boxing…

Thanks to Ogosport for sponsoring the prizes.

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks Grass Stain Guru for this funtabulous contest.



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