Just Play

This is not the stuff of literary prizes, or poet laureates. I had some fun with this though so I wanted to share it with PlayGroundology readers. I’m playing around with audioboo too so if you’ve got a moment, you can hear the recitation here.

Just Play

play play
whether it’s alone or with friends
within four walls or under a great canvas of sky
just play

there are not enough hours
in a heartful life
to miss kaleidoscoping fun

play play
without a goal in mind
get lost in the changing beat
in laughter’s rolling sound
just play

play with mud, sand, sea
blocks and balls
sticks and trees

play play
in whistling rain
snowy squalls
summer’s shine
just play

play play
with pots and pans
clangs and bangs
symphonies of loud

get drunk with play
surrender to its giddy reel
be small, untouched
and see

that play is all
and all is play
a breath of be
just play

6 responses to “Just Play

  1. Wow! If not literary prize worthy, I’d say it is certainly worthy to be broadcast far and wide to those of us who advocate for play! I’m going to share your musings with others! Great job!


  2. Well done, Alex! A wordsmith indeed! Will share everywhere I play! 🙂


  3. Play Play .. and more play whooop whooop!


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