Kinderspielkunst – Kids Play Art

Did you hear the one about the Europeans who traveled to Maui to build a playscape at a Waldorf school? No joke, it’s all true. Wilfried Bremer and Walter Peter are the talent behind Kinderspilekunst and apparently they don’t mind doing road trips to design and install their custom work.

Source: Kinderspielkunst brochure (amazing photos)

As reported in The Maui News, a Kinderspielkunst (Kids Play Art) sculpture is now being enjoyed by the kids at the Haleakala Waldorf School. This is the first Bremer and Peter playground in the USA.

This particular sculpture is brought alive with local kiawe wood. Cristina Pineda, one of the school’s teachers posted a couple of blog entries about the new play facility with photos and some video.

Photo credit – Cristina Pineda

The kids at the Waldorf School in Maui have a crackerjack playground now and Kinderspielkunst have their first foray into the US market. As the crow flies, this playground house call was in the vicinity of 11,700 kilometres. Looks like Bremer and Peter will consider working anywhere if the conditions are right.

Let’s leave the last words to kids. If you know German it will be a big help watching this video. If you don’t, the visuals are still interesting.

Bravo to Kinderspielkunst – Kids Art Play for their captivating designs and their sense of adventure.


6 responses to “Kinderspielkunst – Kids Play Art

  1. What a great piece of play equipment! So many opportunities to use those large muscles! This equipment certainly is keeping the kids occupied and having fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Watching the children on this playground continues to be fascinating! Parents and teachers have also found time to play too.

  3. Nothing short of a work of art, great to see kids playing outdoors instead of indoors on a games console?

    • Thanks for your note. The more outdoor play, the better – space, fresh air, exercise and imagination – a great combo for growing kids. Thanks for dropping in. Tell your friends about us. Cheers, Alex

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