Out In The Big Play

On the rocks by the bay, my worlds come into alignment. One, two, three, they’re right in front of me.

We are out in the big play – sky, sea and rock outcrops as big as dinosaurs. The kids are breathless climbing the rockface, exultant as they stand tall at the top of a bluff.

Water is a liquid magnet, rock an immoveable castle. Nothing compares to the infinite possibilities of nature’s playground. Each rounded pebble is a beauteous discovery, each ocean weary wave a splash of excitement. Here we find glistening ice puddles crannied away in a craggy dugout.

Despite the cold, there is time to play in the sand. Belly down gets you closest to the action moving, shifting, moulding, making mounds. Here and there glistening clumps of seaweed are pushed up against the boulders.

What a great sensory experience with wind, grit, salt spray, uneven surfaces and a variety of textures. And then there are the physical challenges, the testing of limits, the discoveries – all in the name of fun.

Try and make space for a little nature playground adventure, you won’t regret it and the kids are pretty much guaranteed to have a good time.

These shots are taken about 8 miles as the crow flies from downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


5 responses to “Out In The Big Play

  1. Alex, what a great example of children enjoying the natural world! Looks like they were having tons of discovery! Great job!

  2. What a beautiful place. It looks like the kids had a great time.

    • Thanks Mara. Good to hear from you. We had a great time. I’ve been meaning to check into your virtual tours. That’s you right? What a marvellous idea. Cheers, Alex

  3. Lovely post Alex – superb images This is the real playground – why are ‘playgrounds’ so unlike this? Jan

    • HI Jan – yes , this is truly an adventurous playground and there are so many close by where we live. I realize that not everyone may be as fortunate but for all those who have nature within reach it is the real wonderland for our kids. Thanks for your kind words. All the best, Alex

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