Hula till it Hurts – March2Work

When we last tuned in, Chris was bouncing his way to work on a spacehopper in Douglas, Isle of Man. If you missed the introductory post on March 2 Work, just scroll down as it’s immediately below this one.

Earlier today, Day 7 in the March 2 Work campaign, Chris was really working it. He was winding his waist in a hula for humanity like he just stepped off a plane from the islands. Watch the technique, the uphill swivel, the get me there gyrations.

It was a grand day in Douglas, perfect for promoting the importance of outdoor play and safe routes for kids. Check in on Chris’ exploits for the rest of the month at Play Isle of Man, or on twitter @chrisplayiom.

Hats off to the kids who traveled the route with Chris – some real hula hoop champs in that lot.

Thanks for the fun video, we’ll be back to check in on you.

2 responses to “Hula till it Hurts – March2Work

  1. This video made me laugh! I am totally amazed, especially since I’ve lost my hula hooping skills from when I was 9 years old! Three cheers for Chris’ efforts to bring back play!


    • Yeah, I really enjoyed this video too. Such a great spirit of fun. The film is speeded up just enough to give it a wacky edge.

      I’ve got a couple of suggestions for the encyclopedia. I’ll send you an email in the next few days. Cheers


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