MyBlockNYC and a 5-year-old Rock the Playground

A couple of weeks back I tweeted a link to a sweet story I came across in the online New York revue Gothamist. It generated a little appreciative twitter traffic and I’ve been going back for a peek at the video the story is about on a few occasions because, well it’s just so funky, cool and childlike. If you haven’t had a chance to watch An Afternoon At The Playground, sit back and enjoy. Click through here, or on the image below.

Posted on the MyBlockNYC platform

That’s a rollicking ride. Even though I know what to expect, I sometimes get a little woozy as this shot by a 5-year-old POV flashes by. The NYC mom ‘producer’ had a fine idea strapping the iPod Touch to their child to get this kid’s point of view. The tune Nothing But Time by Opus Orange is a marvelous fit for a playful spontaneity romp.

MyBlockNYC is an innovative mapping and video sharing tool. What a wonderful way this would be to map a city’s play places…

“Like other video-sharing websites, MyBlockNYC allows people to post and view videos for free. What sets it apart is the fact that videos are embedded in the map of New York City. People anywhere in the world can click on a particular locale to see what’s been happening there.” (source: Change Observer)

Original story from Gothamisthere.

It’s Saturday and spring will soon be popping so get outside and play some playing.

4 responses to “MyBlockNYC and a 5-year-old Rock the Playground

  1. Saw this post on the 5 coolest playgrounds in the US and it made me think of your blog. I haven’t visited here in a while and I am enjoying getting caught up..


    • Margo, thanks a lot for the note and the link. I’m chipping away at trying to put a list similar to that together. It’s many months away from being complete though.

      So pleased you thought of PlayGroundology for this. Please don’t hesitate to send other suggestions. Cheers, Alex


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