Introducing PlayGroundology TV

Here we go introducing PlayGroundology TV. Yes I know ‘play’ and ‘TV’ are somewhat oxymoronic, perhaps even antithetical on the active – passive continuum. PlayGroundology TV will feature fine video footage, either directly about play, or playish by nature, on an occasional basis without much in the way of words as a preamble. Most of the work will come from YouTube and Vimeo. If you see something that catches your fancy, drop a line and a link to PlayGroundology.

Without further ado, here are the first two episodes.


Many thanks to Chris not only for the video but for the entire March2Work campaign, a fun-drenched shot in the arm for play on the Isle of Man.

Chris played on his way to work for a whole month while in New Jersey they’re playing to promo a play, well a musical. Thanks to my friend Sheila who posted this on her NJ Playgrounds blog as the video features Grove Park Playground in South Orange.

Rated P for Parenthood

Rated P for Parenthood is playing Off Broadway until April 8.

Most episodes of PlayGroundology TV can be seen chez PlayGroundology on YouTube.

This is PlayGroundology TV signing off until our next episode.


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