Ciad Mile Failte – 100,000 Welcomes from Canada’s Ocean Playground

Late last week PlayGroundology clicked through to 100,000 page views. I want to say thanks and share this milestone with readers as it is your visits that made it happen.

Mayor Todd Franklin’s Neato Coolville

I’ve created a flickr slideshow that displays a number of blogs that have kindly introduced PlayGroundology to their readership. The slideshow starts with a page from the Mayor of Neato Coolville’s blog, an early supporter of PlayGroundology. Mayor Todd Franklin’s encouragement helped get me off to a good start.

Word of mouth, twitter, flickr, FB, Pinterest, other play and parenting bloggers and some mainstream media have also helped develop a growing audience. Thanks also to subscribers, commenters, guest contributors, pinners and those who have listed PlayGroundology as a favourite or a blog they follow.

From Canada’s Ocean Playground where the Gaelic is still a living spoken language, Ciad Mile Failte. The translation is 100,000 Welcomes and let me add 100,000 ‘Thank Yous’.

Thank you each and everyone. I’m hoping a few more 100,000 page views lie ahead.

Swiss Miss gives PlayGroundology a shout out.

Click here to see more PlayGroundology friends.

For those of you not familiar with the slogan Canada’s Ocean Playground, it is none other than Nova Scotia which just happens to be Playgroundology‘s home.

4 responses to “Ciad Mile Failte – 100,000 Welcomes from Canada’s Ocean Playground

  1. Thanks, Alex, for including The Play & Playground Encyclopedia in your Flickr post. We love what you are doing and follow you every day! Congratulations on the 100,000 page views!


  2. Sitting here in Ullapool, Wester Ross, where Gaelic is also a living language (though unfortunately not one I can speak!) can I say thank you too, your blog is a fantastic resource and I really enjoy getting your posts. Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks Cath, I’m all over blushin’ with such kind comments. It was partly organizations like yours that drew me in to exploring this world. I was initially fascinated that there were organizations dedicated to play. Now I understand why. The children need a voice and decision makers need to be accountable for the resources or lack thereof that civil society earmarks for play. Glad you enjoy the blog. Please pass it on. Cheers, Alex


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