Teeter my Totter says Cecily G to Curious George

We love checking out a good used clothing emporium. Love might be a bit strong for my connection to these events but it’s not far off base for Mélanie. Nova Scotia boasts a network of second hand clothing outlets under the banner Frenchys. There are incredible savings to be had on quality clothes for the kids. Used books and toys are also in the mix.

A few days ago we uncovered a gem at one of the locations – H. A. Rey’s Cecily G. and the 9 monkeys. As a lover of Curious George, I just couldn’t resist. I wasn’t familiar with the story but saw right away that it predated George as a solo act. This first book by Rey was also George’s debut into the world of kidlit. We all enjoyed the story once we got home. Being the playground bums we are, we thought the drawing below was a blast, an anatomical and anthropomorphic wonder illustrating imaginative play.

From Cicely G. and the 9 monkeys.  Copyright, 1942 by H. A. Rey

If you haven’t read the book, it’s good fun. Check your local library.

2 responses to “Teeter my Totter says Cecily G to Curious George

  1. This picture makes me smile! In fact, I printed it and added it to my office wall! Thanks for sharing this book find! Children’s books are the best!


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