Apprentice Car Painters

Our San Diego interlude is just about a wrap. It’s been a great couple of weeks to relax, play and have fun. There’s been no rain, mostly sunny skies and plenty to enjoy from the La Jolla seals to Ocean Beach’s thundering surf.

A couple of days ago we visited The New Children’s Museum. We loved the hands-on exhibits – build, play, explore, create. A permanently parked car located out in the open air on the main level is a kid magnet. I’m sure the lavishly and lovingly applied layers of paint never actually get a chance to dry as there is a continuous procession of would be artists and body shop specialists slapping it on.

Click through here or on the photo below for a short slide show on the blue and purple painting capades.

Can you recognize it is a Datsun? I had to ask. I wonder how many gallons of paint get mixed annually to decorate and redecorate this lucky vehicle?

More on children’s museums coming soon in PlayGroundology.

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