Wayne County Parks – Mud Day

Now here’s an event I’d like to get the behind the scenes dirt on. Next Tuesday, July 10, Wayne County Parks in Michigan celebrates 25 years of Mud Day. We all know that mud has undetectable magnetic qualities that draws kids with an irresistible force. It’s elemental like water, earth, air and fire.

Kids from miles around will be getting pulled into the soupy mud vortex at Nankin Mills Recreation Center in Hines Park, Westland next week. Click through here, or on the image below for a slideshow published by The Denver Post following last year’s event.

Mud Day is gloriously dedicated to getting down and dirty. I’m thinking of starting a family bucket list and making this event the first entry. We won’t be able to make it to this year’s day of muddiness as it’s a 3200 kilometre return trip. We need some more prep time…

If you’re a little closer to the action, see the details below.

If you need further enticement watch this report from Detroit’s WXYZ TV.

Mud, mud and more mud…


3 responses to “Wayne County Parks – Mud Day

  1. Oh sign us up please, only wish we had a large enough space to do this in our playground. This year we enbraced our first international mud day which was alot of messy fun not forgetting the big clean up afterwards! Really inspired and encouraged by all the posts and links …HMAP!

    • Hello HMAP – looks a right lot of fun doesn’t it. I’d love to try it with my gang. It’s definitely on my list. Thanks for checking out PlayGroundology – subscribe, tell your friends. Planning a piece or two on adventure playgrounds for a post in the coming months. Will be sure to contact you when I start the writing. Cheers, Alex

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