Playground Music – Groovin’ to the Beat

This summer Germany’s first musical playground opened in Brandis. This is where play grooves to its own beat. Here a group of kids is putting the equipment through its paces. Thanks to Roman Rackwitz for providing this behind the scenes footage.


Erwin Stache is the conductor of this playground symphony, or at least the musical consultant. He’s interviewed in this report on the playground filed by Roman for Mediendienst Ost (German required – sorry no translation).


I love to see this kind of experimentation with sound in a place of play where kids can let loose and make their own music. Stache is an innovator and experimentalist and as the video record attests, no stranger when it comes to working with young people.

Music and play are a dynamic duo, one that we should hear and see more frequently. Movement and sound can certainly help to brighten up our public spaces.

It makes me think of 21 balançoires – 21 swings which has briefly graced Montreal’s downtown as a temporary installation for the last two years.

Malmö, Sweden also has a well loved musical playground.

Technological sophistication can makes things fun as the kids in Brandis, Germany demonstrate but simplicity can work too.

Let’s hear it for music and play together. Do you know of any musical playgrounds, or playgrounds that have a funky musical component? Leave a comment, or drop us a line by email at

4 responses to “Playground Music – Groovin’ to the Beat

  1. I LOVE this idea of a musical garden! I want to see what I can create in my own garden


    • Hi, thanks for getting in touch. So glad you enjoyed the musical garden. We came across it at a farm in The Valley region of Nova Scotia. It was a marvelous place. If you make your own, please send us a video. Cheers, Alex


  2. offthecouchkids

    This looks great! Hopefully adults get to have a go too.


    • Hell down there at Off the Couch Kids – thanks for your comment. I know if I could pop by Brandis, I’d be hoppin’ and spinnin’ with the hope of making some kind of funky sounding playground beat. Cheers, Alex


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