Oz Nation Playground Celebration

This Sunday, November 11, St. Kilda Adventure Playground celebrates 30 years of rollicking awesome.

Photo credit – Fernando de Sousa; (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It’s another in the long line of play spots I would love to get to with my kids some day. For now, I have to content myself with living vicariously via this Flickr gallery and Pinterest collection.

St Kilda’s makes a lasting impression so much so that an Alaskan landscape designer posted his photos of the playspace at Design for Play nearly 15 years after his visit.

Photo credit – Design for Play.

And with the merry magic of YouTube, we can all get a little closer to the flying fox, the pirate brigantine and the whooshing slides (warning – headbashing music).

Many happy returns St. Kilda…..

10 responses to “Oz Nation Playground Celebration

  1. This looks like the most awesome playground ever!!


  2. Hi there. You seem to have confused two playgrounds here. You have written about one playground called St Kilda (South Australia) which was 30 recently but have used images of another St Kilda Playground in Melbourne, Victoria. The Pinterest account links to the St Kilda in South Australia but the Design for Play link is for the one in Victoria. The Flickr collection is a mixture of the two.


    • Andrew,

      Always like to be put on the straight path when I’ve made an error. I can only fall back on my enthusiasm to portray awesome playspaces, my ignorance of Australian geography and my total gobsmackedness at finding out that there are two St Kilda playgrounds in Oz. Would you be kind enough to point out to me which photos in the flickr gallery are not the 30th anniversary adventure playground and I will remove them from the gallery. Cheers, and thanks for writing. Alex


      • Hi Alex, No problems. Its any easy mistake to make when your half way across the other side of the globe. I would like to say thank you for picking up on the celebration. I actually work for the Council that runs St Kilda (South Australia) and we had an excellent turn out. We’re also very pleased that you used our Pinterest account in your blog. If OK we will pin from your blog and then you might get some more hits?? If you keep an eye on the City of Salisbury Pinterest account over the next few days I will start pinning some of the celebration pictures including the burial of a time-capsule and awesome birthday cake. Can I also ask how you heard about the celebration?

        So the photos that are not St Kilda (SA) are the two main ones in the blog. The multi coloured play space and plane/rocket ship. St Kilda (SA) is mainly made up of a large wooden fort, a pirate ship, maze and what we call the Volcano which has twirly slides in the middle. Our big winner is the slippery dip and the flying foxes. The video is the right one.

        The playground itself is a reclaimed rubbish dump that has been turned into one large adventure space. Over the next few years we hope to do some renewal as some of the pieces are tired and worn (well you would be after 30 years of play). The fort itself is the 2nd incarnation after vandals torched the original.

        If you’re ever in Adelaide, South Australia. Give me a shout and I’ll give you a personal tour.



      • Andrew,

        You’re welcome to link to my Pinterest, blog, facebook – any of the social media accounts I have that are part of the PlayGroundology family. I’ll check your Pinterest account and post some more photos to FB over the coming week or so. I have number of Google search terms that return me stories in mainstream media and blogs every day and that’s where I heard of the 30th birthday though I had seen photos of your St. Kilda before. As for a trip to Adelaide, I’d love to take PlayGroundology down under. Why doesn’t your Council be the groundbreakers for the first ever playground writer familiarization tour? How about some kind of design contest for the renewal you have planned. PlayGroundology could be the MC to declare the winner…. Cheers, Alex


  3. Haha that would be great but this is local government were talking about! A design contest could be interesting but maybe when we do get round to it would could look to the Playgroundology Community for ideas by writing a guest blog??
    Will follow some of you Pinterest boards and keep in touch. Thank you Alex


    • Late getting back to you Andrew. Are local governments not handsomely financed then in Australia :-)? I see you’ve recently moved to Oz. Hope you’re enjoying the experience. Was it difficult to find a job? Cheers, Alex


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  5. It’s fun to find the link to my page (www.designwithplay.com) and my fifteen year old photos from St. Kilda (Melbourne)… and to know that the play space is alive and kicking!


    • Well hello Peter, I’m so glad you had those photos up on the old interweb. Are you working on that custom polar bear in Anchorage? I would be interested in posting a couple of photos of the work in progress on PlayGroundology FB if you’re ok with it. Thanks for linking to PlayGroundology on your blog – greatly appreciated. We’re having it very mild out here on the Atlantic coast. The snow must already be flying where you are. Cheers, Alex


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