PLAY WORK BUILD – The Back Story

If you’re in Washington, D.C. between now and November 18, 2014, drop in to the National Building Museum. PLAY WORK BUILD is a new exhibition that explores connections and interrelationships between these three powerful imperatives.

The Rockwell Group’s Barry Richards and the musueum’s Cathy Crane Frankel tell it like this:

In addition to numerous building toys, the hands on Imagination Playground is an integral part of the exhibition.

Click PLAY WORK BUILD for more information.

This would certainly appeal to all those who have mad builder kids in their midst like my young lad Noah-David who dreams in Lego blocks. Parents, maybe you’re fondly remembering your days of building prowess with Tinker Toy, Mecanno and the like. Oh, and did I mention the unbridled fun of Imagination Playground – slideshow here.


2 responses to “PLAY WORK BUILD – The Back Story

  1. I loved the National Building Museum when I visited a few years ago – especially the way they let children and families play with construction sets in the central hall: a visible expression of the importance of hands-on engagement.
    PS Shameless request – any chance of being added to your ‘people and places I like’ list? You’re on my ‘blogs I follow’ list!


    • Hi Tim, good to hear from you. I’ve started your post about the Moscow trip and will get some time tomorrow morning to finish. Always such a great opportunity to visit new places. For sure I will add Rethinking Childhood as a link here on PlayGroundology. I should have done it long ago. It’s one of the blog pieces that I have not kept on top of. Truly it could be a full time job. Hope all is well. Cheers, Alex


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