Dads4Play on Father’s Day

Ok Dads, tomorrow is our big day. Let’s take the opportunity to get outdoors with our kids and play.

Did you know that only 5% of 5 to 17-year-olds in Canada get the recommended amount of daily physical activity? (See most recent stats in ParticipACTION’s 2016 Report)

Did you know that play “can provide a basis for the transformation of wider communities?” as reported in the 2014 publication by the Children’s Play Policy Forum – The Play Return: A review of the wider impact of play initiatives (updated).

Did you know that in the US kids spend an average of 7.5 hours a day using entertainment media? (Source: USC Rossier Online)

IMG_0276Photo credit – Vincenzo Ravina. The three younger kids and I at the submarine playground, Halifax, Canada.

Dads, we are part of the problem but with a little effort on our parts, we can be part of the solution.

Tomorrow, take the Dads4Play pledge. Think of the fun you’ll have and the memories you’ll make with your kids.

Now repeat after me. I pledge to:

– play outdoors a minimum of 3 hours per week with my kids

– connect my kids with nature at least twice a month

– share my play experiences with other dads

– improve my own physical fitness

– use the hashtag #dads4play when I tweet about kids, play and dads

Think about it, the best thing about father’s day is kids. So let’s get out there and do it for them. Give them the gift of play.

This Father’s Day message was brought to you by PlayGroundology.

DSC08680Father’s Day treasure trove of gifts

If you’re like our household, the kids couldn’t wait until Sunday to give their gifts. I was festooned with mine as I arrived from work last night.

Nellie-Rose made me a bookmark with a drawing of her and I skating on one side and a beautiful photo of her on the other side with hearts and a happy father’s day greeting she printed herself.

Noah-David’s drawing on a tile was of him and I outdoors on a recent road trip we made to Guysborough, Nova Scotia.

And according to the survey that Lila-Jeanne (3 1/2) completed with the help of her child care provider, I’m really good at ‘hula hoop and juggling 5 balls’. Apparently I spend most of the day playing outside with them too. The survey, which had a few other insights such as ‘I always say phone numbers’ made up the inside of Lila’s card to me.

So happy father’s day to you too papa. Thanks for those days of play way back when, for the time we spent together, the holding hands and the letting go. Hey, give me a shout if you want to take the pledge and play outdoors with me 3 hours a week. Cheers

Alex, Dad&Beaumont

8 responses to “Dads4Play on Father’s Day

  1. I so pledge.

    This is a good reminder, of some very scary statistics.


    • Thanks Christopher. We’ve had a grand day so far. Lots of sun and 3 matches of soccer for Noah. He played well striking and defending, made fine passes and popped in 5 goals. Happy Father’s Day indeed. Oh yes, and my mom and dad wee there to take it all in.


  2. i love this pledge!!! fabulous post and Happy Father’s Day!


    • Hi there EcoYogini – thanks for coming out last Wednesday. Good to see you and glad you’re interested in the conversation. The pledge is deceptively simple. The big thing for me will be in the consistency factor. Enjoy the sun on this fine day. Cheers, Alex


  3. Hi, love your site and love the great outdoors. I have been sharing a bit of your stuff on facebook and pinterest. Thought you might be interested in a post i did on Burling Slip park in New York.


    • Thanks Lesley. Sorry not have replied earlier but your comment for some reason went into the spam folder which I just checked tonight. Nice post on Burling Slip. I love Imagination Playground’s premise and how they’re getting out around the US, Europe as well as Haiti and Asia. Always great to meet up with others who are promoting play. Glad I know about your blog and wi.ll be taking a closer look at it. Are you familiar with Pop Up Adventure Play in the UK? I think you’d like them too. Cheers, Alex


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