It’s coming up 3s at PlayGroundology

Later this week, PlayGroundology will roll over to 1/3 of a million – 333,333 – page views, I want to thank readers for helping to make the blog what it is and at the same time reflect a little on 3s. First let me share this triptych, Smiling Sunday Morning that shows off our 3 wee players in action last weekend.

DSC09397 - Version 2
DSC09227 - Version 2

A few thoughts on PlayGroundology and 3s.

3 guiding principles for engagement:

1. Respond to all comments, inquiries and questions;

2. Reach out far and wide through all possible means;

3. Recognize the excellent work that others are doing.

3 reflections on telling the stories:

1. Repeat the main threads of the storyline frequently;

2. Refresh the story elements regularly;

3. Rhapsodize about the stuff that works;

3 expanding circles of discovery, inquiry and promotion:

1. local promotion of playgrounds in my hometown;

2. global reporting on playgrounds;

3. play is ground zero.

3 aligning considerations for the perfect play trifecta:

1. play policy;

2. financial and human resources;

3. community engagement;

3 personal actions:

1. play outdoors a minimum of 3 hours per week with my kids;

2. connect my kids with nature at least twice a month;

3. share my play experiences with other dads.

Finally, thanks, thanks, thanks to you the readers for sharing PlayGroundology stories, adding to the growing play conversation and providing encouragement that helps to keep this volunteer enterprise energized.

4051305996_8c893ac86d_oPhoto credit – Jenn Collins. License – (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

5 responses to “It’s coming up 3s at PlayGroundology

  1. Congratulations on all your 3s!!! Job well done! I certainly enjoy your posts!

  2. Congratulations for this iniciative. I’m a Brazilian artist, working with metal sculpture. I’m developing “playing scultptures”. I’ll let you know when it is finished! Thank you for your research!

    • Luiza, I’d love to see drawings or photos in progress if you’re able to share. What part of Brazil do you live in? Always looking for good photos of playgrounds and play from everywhere in the world. Thanks for reading PlayGroundology. I hope you’ll keep coming back. Cheers, Alex

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