Kids Play Book – Visual Basic

It’s Friday with anticipation of the weekend just on the horizon. Seems it’s a day for surprises and treasures. I’ve just stumbled on a ‘new to me’ site, a place crafted with the love of games and play.

PlaybookScreenshot Kids Play Book

If you haven’t heard of Kids Play Book, you’ll have no trouble whiling away a little time as you watch kids from around the world do their play thing.

Videos are indexed by country and by category and there is also a ‘random’ option. Kids Play Book is brought to us by Dutch filmmaker, Jules Oosterwegel. He has collected nearly 400 games from over 20 countries.

His latest expedition had him recording games in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Here is a little sneak peak from his latest trip showing Jules in action with some school kids.

The background image for his site, Brueghel’s Young Folk at Play couldn’t be more appropriate. And there’s more, a hefty bibliography on play and games.

Thanks Jules, a great way to start my Friday as we head into a weekend of tree fort and shelter making.

7 responses to “Kids Play Book – Visual Basic

  1. Bernie DeKoven

    Wonderful, wonderful. Jules has done so much to show us the world at play. And he’s such a playful man, himself. A gift worthy of deep appreciation. I use his vides to demonstrate the power and universality of play – most recently at the MIT Sandbox Summit – – They are unfailing harbingers of joy.Thanks for devoting this post to this devoted man.


    • Hi Bernie, good to hear from you. Really there are so many treasures out there to discover and share, How are things going with our book and your world of play. My 80-year-old, one awesome guy, is the lead designer and builder of a tree house at our place. We’ll be building away this weekend. Cheers, Alex


      • Bernie DeKoven

        “Our book”? We wrote a book together? man, I wish I had known. I’d’ve been the first to review…O, wait, you probably mean MY book. More than 100,000 downloads so far. I’m totally delighted. As for your 80-year-old, what a wonderful presence and inspiration! It explains a lot about you.


      • Yes, of course a Freudian slip on that response. More than 100,000 downloads that is fantastic. Generating a lot of engagement and ideas too I’d wager. Yes, my Dad is a great guy right to the very core and always quick to point out the positive and offer a fatherly hand to his son (that’s moi) who is about to become a grandad himself. Cheers


      • Bernie DeKoven

        Mazel Tov! Wow! Let me tell you as a granddad 6 times, it’s the BEST!


  2. Hi there on this playday,
    It’s more than fine to see Bernie challenging the audience to Play and think about the magic of Play. I admire him very much and he makes me feel younger !
    Alex , great site you’ve got to learn from!
    So my greetings to you both, see you Bernie!
    Jules Oosterwegel


    • Hi Jules, thanks for getting in touch. What a great collection of videos. I’m looking forward to watching them all and showing them to my kids too. Thanks for the wonderful gift. Cheers, Alex


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