Put on Your #PlayFaces Please and Hit Share

Join the PlayGroundology kids and get your family’s playfaces on! Share your photos on Twitter, FB, Instagram, Flickr using hashtag #PlayFaces. Together, we’ll create a virtual exhibition. Open to all ages – 9 months to 99 years.


There is nothing quite as magnetic or compelling as photos of kids having fun. The emotive charge is palpable. Movement, energy and flow course through the frozen frames.

#PlayFaces Noah

The laughter is almost audible. And, who can resist facial expressions that range from wonder through mischievous to discovery and beyond?

#PlayFace Lila

So how many photos have you got stored in the cloud, on your computer, your phone, or various portable drives? If you’re like me you have a few thousand. Ok let’s be honest – in my case it’s more like tens of thousands acquired over the last decade. With small ones in the household, north of 75% of my staggering number of gigabyte images star ‘the kids’. It’s no wonder we get lucky once in awhile with a good shot.

#PlayFaces-Trio II

I’ll be paying more attention and taking more #PlayFaces photos – our guys, other children and the rest of us unkids. The priceless moments of abandon are electric, their joy infectious. What’s not to share?

Please consider sharing your best shots to create a powerful, moving, international #PlayFaces virtual exhibition.

I’ll take this playfaces trio anytime – photo courtesy maman, ma belle femme – Mélanie…

As a bonus, here is a lovely gem in the study of facial expressions that I came across nearly 30 years ago when I worked at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax…

All photos in this post are licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)


2 responses to “Put on Your #PlayFaces Please and Hit Share

  1. Wendy McDonald

    Enjoyed your photos…Saturday we stopped by to see the new Adventure playground at Middle Musq., not a family in site. Looks like a lot of energy went in to the build…make sure it gets another mention with more photos! Our grandson will enjoy this space in a couple of years!

    • Thanks Wendy. It’s a great spot at the Natural Resources Education Centre. What a marvelous job by the community, volunteers and DNR employees. I’ll be going back for sure this summer. Let me know if you have any photos from your visit that you’d like to share. I’ll be doing a post soon here on PlayGroundology about this great new NS playscape. Cheers, Alex

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