The 2016 PlayGroundology FB Fab Four

Drum Roll Please….


Presenting the top four PlayGroundology Facebook posts of 2016 in ascending order (click through on photos for original FB post)….

In fourth position, it’s the then under construction Earthscape playspace at The Dingle in Halifax, Nova Scotia with 86 likes, 17 shares, 5 comments and a reach of 4,053 people.


In third place, all the way from Barcelona, Spain it’s Parc Diagonala Mar via the good folks at Creajeu with 154 likes, 45 shares, 5 comments and a reach of 12,277 people.


In second place, it’s the woven wonder wheel of wood (weekly alliteration quotient achieved) clocking in at 141 likes, 109 shares, 12 comments and a reach of 19,715 peeps. Though a source is noted, we are still trying to find out where this is. Can anyone idenify the place?


In the number one spot, pole position goes to a sign displayed at Telus Spark’s Brainasium in Calgary, Canada. Initially, the photo was incorrectly identified by Mr. PlayGroundology but readers quickly set me straight. Thanks to my cousin Gordon who flagged this photo for us.


Final drum roll before the number one PlayGroundology 2016 Facebook post stats….



Ladies and gentlemen, the most successful PlayGroundology FB post ever with 1.5K likes, 4,753 shares, 97 comments. And 640,287 people reached.

Thanks so much for contributions, comments and your readership. Looking forward to a playful 2017.

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