Rabbit, Hare, or Rodent? Giant Animals in Argentina’s Public Spaces

This weekend’s inbox surprise comes all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina –  that hemisphere right next door, a mere 9,000 kilometers to the south of our Halifax home.

At first I thought the photo was a ‘burro’ or maybe a rabbit. Pablo de Speluzzi, co-founder of MOLE and creator of this play sculpture, let me know I was wrong on both counts. Looks like a rabbit but not really. It’s a mara, a kind of Patagonian hare, actually less hare and more rodent than anything else. What do you think of the likeness?

The similarities are quite striking, all the better given that this sculpture is part of the Ecoparque Interactivo – the City Zoo . As you can see in the time lapse below, kids get to climb up the rear legs, slide down the fore legs, crawl, jump, and slide down the fire pole up front.

This is a variation in Argentina’s standard play fare. MOLE Sculptural Playgrounds is planning for more of their creations to hit the street – macaws, t-rexes, dragons, whales, armadillos, tigers, submarines and castles…

MOLE makes large-scale pieces with an organic design aspect bringing back thematic installations that seek to recover free play’s storytelling element. The pieces are inclusive of parents joining in the children’s play. This aspect is central to the whole concept as it is incorporated in the design as a key feature.

Co-founder Pablo’s son turned five-years-old on May 12. Mole will have a great test pilot for years to come. Let’s hear it for Argentina’s new play sculptures.

Thanks for reaching out Pablo – muchas gracias.

Pablo de Speluzzi and Horacio Dubcovsky, co-founders – Mole.

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