Zip zip hooray

Skimming inches above the ground attached to a pulley hurtling down the line is an adrenalin charged zip, zip hooray moment. A steady stream of kids cycles through to the top of one of the twin ‘towers’ preparing to be airborne. Two zip lines, four feet apart are an invitation for back and forth races covering a distance of 100 feet.

Hands tightly grip batons as the zippers run down the 20º take-off slope before they launch — dangle — zip, or launch — drag — sputter in the sand.

This is a legs up course as there isn’t much clearance to glide over the ground surface. Either the lower legs are bent and thrust behind the zipper, or the legs are held in front of the body – both are a real workout for the abs. Of course where there are kids, there are variations….

Like the feet first ‘slice’ cutting through the air…

The ‘hopper’ reminiscent of a frog getting ready to spring off a lily pad.

Or as we can see below the closed-eyes wishing (left) and the eyes open, dust kicking dishing (right),

And the ‘going for the gusto’ parallel power start.

This zip line is located in New Brunswick’s Fundy National Park a two minute drive from the main visitor centre at the Alma entrance. There is a large grassy area, picnic benches and a variety of play structures. Our kids frittered around the other pieces but it was really the zipper that held the day.

Truth be told the kids haven’t encountered a functioning zip line they didn’t love. It’s the derringer-do, the exhilaration of defying gravity and yes, where there are double lines, the fun and thrill of racing…..

For Nova Scotia readers, there are a couple of new zip lines that have been installed recently in Kentville’s Oakdene Park

Zip you later…

8 responses to “Zip zip hooray

  1. Thanks Alex. Great photos. Never saw a double zipwire before. They certainly move the whole idea into another dimension!


    • Hi Donne – a bit slow on the reply for your comment this time around. Well you know, kids love to race. Oour guys couldn’t get enough of tnis. They were at it for about 30 minutes which as we know is like an eternity for a kid. Keep well, look forward to your comments. Cheers from Halifax…


  2. We would say, “the ground is Acid” or “the ground is piranha filled” or “Alligators!” And if you touch the ground you are “out”! Got Play?


  3. Great photos! It’s such a delight to see children enjoying themselves in playgrounds. Zippers are great to improve upper-body strength and flexibility in younger children. They are also a good way to trigger height increases; although there is no conclusive proof regarding that. Nevertheless they are great fun. Parents should ensure that they are made of good quality materials and based on softer grounds.


  4. Are there directions to this?x


    • Hi Trudy – sorry to be a bit late with an answer. You can find this zip line at Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. It is the main play area not far from the main entrance next to the town of Alma. Thanks for reading. Cheers, Alex


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