Descent of the Snow Tamers

As it drifts and shape shifts, blows and blankets, snow is the outdoor play transformer par excellence. Wet and heavy, or light and airy like faerie dust, it’s a game changer. Even the thinnest carpeting effortlessly repurposes gradual slopes of green. Steadily accumulating flakes are a signal for kids to get outside and mix it up in a swirl of excitement.


This cool new surface that’s falling down is ideal for slip sliding around. The kids pull sleds and other slidey things out from storage and dust them off for the first descent of the season.

Here on this strip of land between our houses is the new found merriment centre. It’s St. Moritz without the long line ups, ski lifts, or chic boutiques. Limitless runs are the order of the day. Head first, flat on belly, or feet planted surely for a standing slide.

Nice Form

Late afternoon shadows lead the snow tamers down the incline. Balance is good form but falling is also fine. Up and down the slope, careful to avoid obstacles, muscles push and pull.

No Return

Movement and laughter warm things up. On the precipice the friends are oblivious to the crisp wind. The snow is tamped down, grassy patches peeking through. An empty grey sky holds no promise of a fresh fall.

All Clear

Panda Power still slides true as the first of many winter play afternoons concludes. Already the kids are wishing for mountains of snow to climb and wade through, to fashion forts, build snowmen and make snowballs that unerringly find their mark.

Panda Power

Winter related question, how cold is too cold for recess?

3 responses to “Descent of the Snow Tamers

  1. How lovely photos! In February the town of Oulu, Finland offers winter fun for children:

    Winter fun for children1

    Winter fun for children2

    Have a good day!


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