Happy 10th Birthday PlayGroundology

Ten years ago today, PlayGroundology published its first post – Manhattan’s Bronze Guy. It’s a look at sculptor Tom Otterness’ installation piece, Playground, what was then a new space for kids in an NYC residential area. We’re still going strong 428 posts later.

Playground by Tom Otterness aka Manhattan’s Bronze Guy

A big shout out out and thanks to readers and PlayGroundology friends for all your help along the way. So many of you have shown such generosity. Some of you share your stories, others provide technical help and tips, others still encourage me to keep writing and to get out and play. Then there are the tour guides who proudly show me how their organizations and communities are making a contribution to kids and play.

It’s a wonderful ride full of discovery and adventure. I’m looking forward to another 10 years to ‘just play’ and to experience how much play rocks….

4 responses to “Happy 10th Birthday PlayGroundology

  1. Congratulations, Alex, on your first 10 years of Playgroundology. Since I first discovered this site I have very much enjoyed your angle on the world of play which has enriched my awareness the whole play world. Thanks!


    • Thanks so much Donne. I am thrilled that you enjoy reading PlayGroundology stories and keep coming back for more. Ongoing encouragement and support from longtime play leaders like you means a great deal. Cheers from Nova Scotia.


  2. Congratulations, Alex! 10 years! That’s amazing! We are happy to have your blog included in our Play and Playground Encyclopedia.


    • Hi Rita, great to hear from you. Your team has created a very useful resource with the Play and Playground Encyclopedia. PlayGroundology is pleased to be included. Here’s to more stories at PlayGroundology and many more entries in the Encyclopedia. Cheers from Nova Scotia.


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