Scattered Sidewalk Beacons

In these unsettling days, acts of kindness and playfulness are doing their part to disperse the coronavirus pall. Around the world, gestures small and large are bringing smiles to faces, providing relief and helping with resolve.

Stories of kindness are being shared daily by news outlets as well as by family, social and professional networks. This story is from the community where we live, Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia.

Along the community’s Shore Road, facing the eastern approaches at the head of Halifax’s harbour, a series of sidewalk beacons are shining their lights. Small coloured stones and larger painted rocks are scattered on the coarse gravel between sidewalk and culvert along a half kilometre stretch.

The rock art and mini message boards are invisible to those whizzing by in cars but walkers, runners and cyclists pause to look, ponder, smile. Our daughters read every word, admired the artwork and selected their favourites. The short, simple messages resonated deeply. Hats off to the creators of this neighbourhood gallery for brightening up the day of all those who pass by.

Here is a selection of Shore Road’s Scattered Sidewalk Beacons.

Thank you doctors and all the health care workers

Thank you all of the health professionals

Thank you to the artists and the wordsmiths. Our family was uplifted by this small strip of coastal wonder.


4 responses to “Scattered Sidewalk Beacons

  1. Thanks, Alex, we really enjoyed seeing all the pictures and messages left on stones and rocks in your street. This ideas has been going around here for some time, too. It is known as Love on the Rocks. The paintings are left around at random for locals to find, pick up and perhaps move to another place to be found by someone else. The children have much enjoyed both painting their own and finding others.

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    • Thanks Donne – do you know if there are any sites where photos of similar rocks in the UK are posted? It would be fun to share them too. I’m not sure how this little ‘gallery’ came about. The road extends for a few kilometres but they only adorn this small portion. My wife Mélanie had seen them when she was out for a walk. The girls and I hightailed it down there on our bikes to see for ourselves and we weren’t disappointed. They are certainly a touch of brightness in these uncertain times and a good reminder that small and simple are a beautiful way to go. Cheers from The Passage.


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    • Thanks as always for sharing the stories published in PlayGroundology. As our kids get older, we’ll be tuning more into your adventures to try and plan what we’ll do with our back and front yards. Stay safe. Cheers, from Nova Scotia.


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