All Hands on Deck – Magdalen Islands’ Boats of Play

What a bruising we took in 2020. Hopefully, this year we can begin charting new horizons, steering a steadier course.

This is a photo story about playscapes infused with maritime traditions by the communities that designed and built them to celebrate play.  Click through to the The Magdalen Islands’ Boats of Play to see how they are of the place, anchored to the archipelago.

Share photos of Boats of Play from your community here.

5 responses to “All Hands on Deck – Magdalen Islands’ Boats of Play

  1. Great video, Alex. Envy the coastal location, an ideal playscape.

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    • Thanks Donne, nice to hear from you. We fell in love with the Magdalen Islands the first time we went. It’s a 5 hour steam on ferry from Prince Edward Island. Beautiful landscapes and an interesting history with French and English cultures both represented. And the playscapes they’ve made for kids are absolutely wonderful. All the best in 2021 to you and your family. Cheers from Eastern Passage.


  2. Thanks, Alex, I wonder what it’s like there now in June.


    • Hi Donne – a lovely spot weather-wise June through September. A cold and windy spot in the winter. I remember one late spring trip we had some winter clothing with us. We have really enjoyed these islands on every visit. Hope you are well and will have the opportunity to visit and hug loved ones soon – if it hasn’t already happened!! Cheers from Nova Scotia


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