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R is for Rockets, Roundabouts and Rascals Running

Rhinos rockets rabbits rafting roller skating roaming red roses radishes rhubarb riding rope roundabout rotator rounders Remember razzle Rhonda rolling raspberry rolls? Really? run ramp riotous rambunctious ride robot rocker rocking horse rock remote control and READY! red river rope swings ring-a-ring-roses river walking running rafts risk taking roundabouts racing ripped clothes recapitulative rowing boats rough & tumble rambling rollicking rolling roller skates releasing energy rhymes run off rowdy raucous rebellious rascals rapscallions ramshackle reading roly polys raleigh choppers roving races rackets rose petal perfume ripped jeans rainbows reminisce revenge rumpity bumpity bump romans & barbarians rope bridges ridge racer rose coloured specs redundant (as in most of GB’s play sector!) rubbish (as in scrap) red paint rainy days remote ready brek refreshing reviving rehearsal reconnecting with nature ricochet roll the dice rocks & boulders ROFL Rubiks Cube reality recess ramps Republic (by Plato) Russell W rogues random reflex robots rock & roll replay rink rebellious rocketeer rally run rascal rumble Robin Hood role play reward rebound rapacious rendezvous roaming roller blades rain

Photo from March 1963, Life Magazine with kids on a rocketship playground

Rich and prolific are fitting words to describe Jonathan’s @Magpiestear contributions for the Letter R – over 50 submissions. A banner day indeed. Thanks Jonathan, an individual record for #ABCs4Play that may stand for all time.

We’re now into Day 19, Letter S. Have fun – ABCs4Play – just 1 week to go.

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Q is for Quidditch, Quiet Time and Quantumplation

queues quail quiet quirky Queensland quaver quiver Queen of Hearts quince quality question quirky queen quickly quilted quilts quietly quick quiet …errrr, Q is hard! “Queue up!” quipped the querist, “I’m on a quest. Quiz or quandry. Which Q word is best?” <—Question mark! query quip quality time qweelack quintuffle quablahs quantumplation qualidipidous quick step quiet time….at last! quidditch quintain queues for the loos quagmire qualifications quoits quackers questioning quarrelling quibble and quandary quick and quirky queen bee quits quiddich in the quadrangle quadruped quagga questing with a quadrat in a quagmire a quantity of quail quaffing from a quaich quality quarry-dust quickens quercus quiche and quizzes quivering with delight

Harry Potter – Quidditch

Q proved to be a hard taskmaster. Lynda @treeleaning rose to the challenge with a poem and poll all rolled into one.

“Queue up!” quipped the querist, “I’m on a quest. Quiz or quandry. Which Q word is best?”

And an all alliteration submission from new player Kath from the UK. Here’s an excerpt.

quick and quirky queen bee quits quiddich in the quadrangle

Here at PlayGroundology, I decided to take matters into my own hands and made up a few words.

quantumplation (noun) – the act of contemplative thinking associated with a specific challenge, or problem as in – the group was involved in significant quantumplation around theories of play.

quintuffle (noun) – boisterous pushing by a group of young children as in – there were multiple quintuffles at recess as kids queued to get on the playground equipment.

qualidipidous (adjective) – when both quality of construction and design are aligned as in – there’s nothing better than a qualidipidous playscape.

quoblahs (noun) a sense of despondency that ebbs and flows when trying to bring about change in the status quo as in – she was in the deep quoblahs following council’s decision not to pursue a play strategy.

qweelack (noun) – the sound of two opposing forces colliding as in – I could hear the qweelack right across the schoolyard and ran to see what had happened.

We’re now into Day 18, Letter R. Have fun – ABCs4Play – only 8 days to go.

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P is for Patty Cake, Playground and Playfulness

Peas in a pod please pandas pampering pots painting photography pencils planting play parachute playing free around a tree Play Scotland!! paddle peevers parks parachute games pretending playgrounds pretend play playfulness pleasure physical health! Paper pencils teacher’s pet; piano practice pirouette; pantomiming we’re all spent, is it time 4 playground yet? playdoh plasticine pencils pond dipping parade (in the Magical Meadow during Earth Day) play time pretending puddles pranks pushing Eddie in the nettles! Playmobil puppets pokemon pyjama parties pottering planks pails pogs people Pellegrini, A pogo Pretty Pattie Parker politely pondered packing pickled peppered pancakes patty cake playgrounding playgrounder Play Wales Play England portable PlayGroundology plentiful practice policy programs pinwheel priceless

P is for Playground – Salamander Playground, Mount Royal Park, Montreal Canada

Today’s allitterati to Sheryl @sherylmk:

Pretty Pattie Parker politely pondered packing pickled peppered pancakes

Today’s playground poet to Lynda @treeleaning:

Paper pencils teacher’s pet; piano practice pirouette; pantomiming we’re all spent, is it time 4 playground yet?

We’re now into Day 17, Letter Q. Have fun – ABCs4Play – only 9 days to go.

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O is for Outdoors, Obstacle Courses and One Love

outdoors oranges open-ended ooey-gooey orange orangutans once-upon-a-time ochre ostriches Orion octopus o’clock Ollie’s Delights olive branch oxytocin object optimal opportunity olfactory outdoor play OmniSpin Oodle Swing O-Zone obstacle courses optimism! Ooh & oops & Olympian ookpiks who eat oodles of noodles & gooey plum strudel & snickerdoodles 4 extra oomph! outside oopsy-daisy ocean open spaces OMG did you just eat yellow snow? Oranges? As in nothing rhymes with one love, one heart, one humanity oodles ozone osprey occur ocarina over and under

We have a smaller crop today. I think ‘O’ proved a bit of a challenge to all our players. There are more tough ones ahead – ‘Q’ and ‘Z’ jump immediately to mind. I have every confidence that the #ABCs4Play Players will rise to the occasion.

We’re now into Day 16, Letter P. Have fun – ABCs4Play – only 10 days to go.

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N is for Nature, Natural and National Parks

nursery nursery rhymes nicknames noisy nonsense noddy non-stop play! nature numbats netball Neptune numbers news nuts nectarines nectar nose National Parks nature trail new discoveries ninety-nine nimble nanny goats never need napkins when naughtily nibbling on my neighbour’s nasturtiums nanny nanny boo-boo new friends NIMBY Nintendo Nerf guns Noggin the Nog never-ending nice naughty no-fear! ninety nasturtiums neatly napping nurture negotiate names new games Nation Ball Name Touch nets No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing no ball games Noguchi nest natural nines never-never land next nets necessary nature deficit disorder neuroplasticity neolithic noradrenaline naughty

Play Structure by Toshiko Horiuchi of Interplay Design and Manufacturing at Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan. Photo credit – Stephen Oung – Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Is there any stopping Lynda @treeleaning in the alliteration category. Today’s is Nfully delightful:

Ninety-nine nimble nanny goats never need napkins when naughtily nibbling on my neighbour’s nasturtiums.

We’re now into Day 15, Letter O. Have fun – ABCs4Play – only 11 days to go.

It’s #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

M is for Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

monkey bars marvelous mushy marshmallows mud pies, magic and mum! M for me munching marsupials mammals marmalade mosquitoes Maypole matching miniatures moths mice mounds Mojo’s morris dancing monsters muppets motor skills motivating mastery merriment movement merry-go-round magnets marbles music Monopoly & MORE! mud many mysterious masked mummers make merry midst music & mirth mimicry & mockery mainly monkeyshines move moving movement master musical mimics mystical mobile meander magnificent mighty muck mayhem mountain making mud pies mimicking your big sister until she flips marvelling at the stars making a mess! mud mud glorious mud musical chairs Maudsley, Martin Maslow, A. monkey magic (not TV show 😉 mirror neurons ‘movement snack’ mandala movember

Wayne County’s 2011 Mud Day at Nankin Mills Park July 12, 2011 in Westland, Michigan. The annual event consists of 20,000 gallons of water mixed with 200 tons of topsoil. Photo Credit – Denver Post

What a mudfest! I’d love to pop by for this event – simple baked in the mud fun.

The allitterati award for M goes to Lynda @treeleaning for this lovely ditty:

many mysterious masked mummers make merry midst music & mirth

As we move on to N we have passed our halfway mark. Over 50 participants are taking part in this funfilled quest for the #ABCs4Play. If you haven’t played, this is your chance to do so – only 12 days until we cross the final Z post.

We’re now into Day 14, Letter N. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

It’s #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

L is for Lollies, Limbo and Ludo

lollipops lollies licorice lightning liliums lemons likeness leading leadlighting llamas lizards learn laugh love like leap limits Little People Lego ludo ludocentric ludemos linguistic lilo lots of laundry Lemmings ‘laggy bands leap frog limbo Lite Brite laughing launching like-minded lazing around doing nothing in particular lobbing a ball back and forth laughing lunatics love leap frogging laughter learning leaping lightness la laguna london play landscape structures inc. leathers and associates laureate listen loosen like life-giving LOL LOL to lots of laundry limbering (up something) lolling around looking at clouds Lester, Stuart

I hope Lego lovers get a charge out of this video. It’s really quite fun.

@chrisplayiom picks up his second alliteratti award for:

laughing lunatics love leap frogging

As we change the guard from L to M, we reach the halfway point in our alphabet of play. We need to steel ourselves as we’ve got a number of tough letters ahead. Q and X stand out in that regard.

We’re now into Day 13, Letter M. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

It’s #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

K is for Kickball, Kindness and Kazoo

kite flying kids kicking cans kings and queens kiss chase kerplunk kerboodle k’nex kinesthetic learning kerby kingdoms klingons K9 killin time knights kickball kaleidoscope knowledge know-how kama sutra (because adults play too)! Kompan kreigspiel kaleidoscopic knot KaBOOM! kookaburra kerfuffle kit and kaboodle kalimba kazoo kindergarten kids know knots knaves knights can be fun Kool-aid can cause a kerfuffle kicking kids knitting kingfisher kayaking kisses kites kindness kabuki kangaroo koala København

København (Copenhagen) Playground – Brumleby, by Monstrum

Welcome to new player @GrowingPlay.

I couldn’t resist including this rendition of the Kookaburra song by the Pickerington Elementary Choir (Ohio, USA). I have great memories of scads of us kids singing this ode to laughter and the outdoors on the way to and from camp.

We’re now into Day 12, Letter L. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

It’s #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

J is for Juggling Jelly Beans on Jupiter

Jumping in puddles Jack in a box Jingle Bells Jabberwocky Jacks Jelly (making of) Jack & Jill Jenny Kable Jemima Puddleduck Jumble Sales Jelly Bean competitions jacks jumping jedi warriors with a cardboard tube light sabre… jungle jackfruit jelly Jupiter jaguar jabiru jumprope jigsaw puzzle juggling jaw-dropping fun! jest jiggle jumping for joy jolly good fun jejune jinx jolly jovial jury-rigged jaunt jargon jeepers jump junk jive joke jackass jumpers for goalposts jelly for messy play! jingles and jangly things just play! Just jabbering Jack Jabberwocky jackanapes jumping jacks jackstraws jackstones jack-o’-lantern jackpot jesting jester jokes jiggly joust jubilation jugglers jujubes judy’s jittery jello jiggles j is for jouer – je joue, tu joues, il/elle joue, nous jouons, vous jouez, ils/elles jouent Jane Jacobs

Jouer (To Play) – embedded tile at Salamander Playground, Montreal, Canada – artist Gérard Danserau

Welcome to new player Geralyn @empoweredbyplay.

Today’s ‘J’ vocabulary discoveries for me – two new games jackstraws and jackstones. Thanks to @treeleaning for these.

And here is a special treat for your listening pleasure, a ‘J’ song from the YouTube Theatre – Jingle, Jangle, Jingle.

We’re now into Day 11, Letter K. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

It’s #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

I is for Ice Hockey, Ice Sculptures, Ice Cream

I spy indians igloos irises interests icing ice skating ice cubes iguana ibis ideas icky stuff ip dip doo, cats got the flu, dog has chicken pox, so out goes you imagination innovation I’m interested in Indiana’s Indian Igloo Inn Isn’t it incredible, Isabel’s in Istanbul indexing individual icicles in indelible ink! ice skating itsy bitsy spider igloo (making) independence inventive incredible inspiring ‘i’ LOVE IT!!! imagine imaginary play igloos ice ice skates ice cream ice sculptures ice painting island hopping invigorating innate instantaneous invaluable International Play Association intrinsic instinctive interaction independent learning icing cakes imaginative play invisible ink inventing imitating iguanas ip-dip-dip infinite players ‘i see you!’ ip-dip magazine Islington play association intrinsically motivated Inside is boring I’m mighty if I try Iguanas are strange creatures Indigo is my favourite rainbow colour ice hockey instinct intuition insight insects irises infinity I dare you ….

Ice Hockey – Sorel, Quebec

Welcome to new players @salisburydowns and @AngeliqueFelix.

The allitterati award for the letter ‘I’ goes to Lynda Grimes @treeleaning:

Isn’t it incredible, Isabel’s in Istanbul indexing individual icicles in indelible ink!

We’re now into Day 10, Letter J. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

It’s #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….