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Help Choose New Canada Day PlayGroundology FB Cover Photo

If ever there was a day in Canada made for play, this is it. July 1 is Canada Day, a civic holiday celebrating our nationhood and the real beginning of the oh so short summer season. Here’s a shocking stat, only 5% of Canadian kids between the ages of 5 and 17 years old are getting the recommended levels of daily physical activity (Source: Active Healthy Kids Canada). So don’t waste any time, be active, get outside and play.

Just before you do though, could you nip over to PlayGroundology FB and ‘like’ your favourite image from 1 of the 3 below. The image with the most likes at the end of the day will become the new cover photo.

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PlayGroundology FB - July 1

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Drum roll please. Here are the 3 images to choose from from for the next PlayGroundology FB cover photo.

DSC02867Salamander Playground, Mount Royal Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

DSC09555Playground with Dory, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada

expo-67-iiChildren’s playspace, Canadian Pavilion. Expo 67, Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Designer – Cornelia Oberlander

Happy Canada Day from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

DSC07403From the decks of The Halcyon overlooking Halifax Harbour