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Dancing the Light Fantastic

Full disclosure – I love Matt Harding’s global dance adventures. There are millions of others that are right there with me via the magic of YouTube sharing Matt’s imaginative romps around the world. Although I don’t have a patented move, I do feel some affinity with Matt because I too have a certain level of gawkiness when I throw myself wholeheartedly into the dance experience.

Matt’s back with some further adventures that he posted earlier this week. If you’re a fan of his previous work, you’ll love this too. If you’re not familiar with Matt take a peek and be ready to smile and groove.

Watch for kids in the sequences from Haiti, Thailand, Iraq, The Philippines, Finland, Australia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Gaza Strip, Scotland, Serbia and several American states. They are play, play, playing as they dance, dance, dance.

If Matt continues this wonderful series, perhaps he could consider dancing in the some of the grooviest playgrounds around the planet with casts of kids. Gulliver in Spain, the themed playgrounds of Malmö, Sweden and Amsterdam’s Amager Ark come immediately to mind. What do you think Matt? A playful backdrop and a promotion of play at the same time.

The YouTube counters have broken through the viral zone and are rising rapidly. Thanks Matt for another wonderful dancing gift and for a great accompanying tune – Trip the Light performed by Alicia Lemke.

Thanks too to fellow blogger E.W. Spider for serving this up for me to enjoy before breakfast this morning.

Happy dancing, happy play.